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Black Hat SEO Techniques

Search engines are not foolproof. Therefore, we all have at some point in our life have encountered links in web that even though at first seemed to be interesting, later, turned out to be rubbish. This kind of links wastes our time and energy. In order to receive god ranking, some of the web page creators and designers use black hat SEO technique. These techniques deliberately manipulate the HTML pages to unnaturally uplift their search positions in search engines result pages.

There is hardly anyone who has never fallen as a victim to black hat SEO. This technique is also known as spamdexing. Whoever you are and whatever you do, spamdexing is something that will frustrate you to no end with its rubbish content. This is really annoying as it wastes time and effort. Spamdexing technique can ignore the search engine optimization form and thus can take advantage of it. Spamdaxers use a number of varied techniques to make sure that their websites come into the first two pages in the search result of such engines. Most of such web pages are irrelevant to our search words, our topics and are sometimes incomprehensible.

The black hat SEO users often overuse words in their pages by finding good keyword combinations. This makes the certain web page to come in the top search pages. Therefore, most of the modern search engines now analyze the amount of keyword that a web page has before displaying. Therefore, the technique of finding good keyword and using it as many times needed has lessened. This process of finding good keyword and using it in web pages to ascend the rank of search engine results is known as keyword stuffing.

Other forms of spamdexing techniques include using hidden and invisible links. Multiple sites on same name can be created and linked together through the same link. These links are usually invisible to general people. In most of the cases, these multiple sites do not contain unique content and are usually irrelevant sites. Also, some web page designers use hidden tests to increase their ranking. These texts cannot be seen by the visitors. It helps to increase the relevancy of a page’s keyword. This technique is mostly done by using same colored texts and backgrounds. For example, off white colored hidden texts can be used in off white colored backgrounds. Some of the web masters are more intelligent. They use mega tags. Usually, they mega tag the irrelevant and unrelated keywords.

The worst form of black hat SEO would be the link spamming technique. Wed designers create multiple web sites at different domain names and link them all together. This also helps them to get higher ranking in search pages.


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